SATCOM Requirements Are Not Made Equal, So Why Should Their Solutions Be?

May 11, 2015

Whether you are a private business seeking remote connectivity, a university bringing telemedicine care via satellite to our nation’s veterans, or a U.S. military base offering VSAT-based training to soldiers, each of your satellite communications needs are different from another. Quite simply, the optimal solution for your SATCOM requirements is not a “plan” so commonly available in the commercial satellite communications marketplace. Although seemingly convenient for price comparison, cookie-cutter SATCOM solutions always fall short on flexibility and often result in unexpected overages and underwhelming performance. Thus, a customized, cost-effective, and managed turnkey satellite communications solution fills a tremendous industry void.

Addressing this void and ensuring highest quality from the marketplace, today’s enterprise and government customers are demanding not only reliability and security from their satellite network providers, but also flexibility and excellent customer service.

If your organization is looking for a managed turnkey satellite solution that is also customized and competitive with plans offered by various commercial providers, consider the following elements

  • Coverage across all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • Self-designated uplink/downlink speeds
  • Fast, secure and reliable Internet connection
  • Contract term choices that best suit your business requirements
  • Clear voice calls even over a satellite network
  • Unlimited data usage and no overage fees
  • Traffic and application prioritization upon request
  • Content restriction as required
  • Full monitoring and control access

Lepton’s new Managed Satellite Network Service – North America fulfills all of these needs. Our iDirect-based platform provides a secure and reliable satellite network using Intelsat’s Horizons 1 North American satellite (@ 127° WL) footprint and a Lepton-owned, co-located hub at the Hawaii Pacific Teleport in Oahu, Hawaii. More importantly, Lepton manages the end-to-end service from its own Secure Operations Center (SOC) at Lepton HQ in Vienna, Virginia.


In addition to the inherent reliability and security features of our satellite network, we offer an unprecedented degree of flexibility with an array of features that can be customized to meet exact customer needs, and our concierge-level customer service ensures an excellent user experience. Equally importantly, in an increasingly vulnerable cyber security environment, Lepton’s compliance with the highest standards of handling sensitive information provides an elevated baseline level of security for all of our customers.

In our relatively short history, we have established an unparalleled reputation with customers and have become known in the industry for what we call the Lepton Edge:

  • Fully-managed customized, turnkey service from a single provider
  • One-stop-shop for flexibility, reliability, and security in communications
  • High-end network security design as a baseline for all customers
  • Quick turnaround honed by military’s rapid response needs
  • A track record of excellent customer service 24×7

If your organization has a need for a customized SATCOM solution in North America, call us at 1 (571) 313-1256 or send an email at info@lepton.alasit for more information. If you prefer to comment on our new service offering, we welcome your feedback below.