SATCOM Rapid Response Support for PACOM HA/DR Missions

November 20, 2014

SATCOM Rapid Response Support for PACOM HA/DR Missions

A typhoon, earthquake, or tsunami strikes the Pacific Ocean’s Marshall Islands, creating a humanitarian disaster in one of the Earth’s most remote locations. This type of scenario is considered a “when, not if” eventuality in the PACOM AOR thanks to the region’s abundance of islands and likelihood of natural disasters. Increasingly, the US military is being called upon to provide rescue and recovery in this part of the world, and meeting new capability needs in a shrinking budgetary climate poses challenges.

Recently, a PACOM military unit demonstrated an immediate response capability to this type of occurrence by deploying a humanitarian response team on short notice to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The remote location as well as the necessary assumption of compromised or destroyed local infrastructure forced this team to establish a portable satellite communications plan with 96 hours notice and limited aircraft space. The response unit contacted Lepton Global Solutions with this rapid response need. Despite the limited turnaround time, the Lepton team deployed a full turnkey satellite communications solution that enabled mission success.

Because of coverage limitations over the area, Lepton supported the mission with a WGS-certified GATR Technologies C-Band 2.4 Meter VSAT Antenna, which packs into two checkable hard cases and was deployed within minutes upon arrival at the mission site. Lepton had hardware delivered to the customer site and deploying personnel trained within 72 hours.

The C-band service was powered by Lepton’s Block Network, which allowed the customer to activate a short-term (30-day) block of C-band service on satellite NSS-9 that provided comprehensive coverage over the mission region. Lepton ensured that the equipment provided was configured and ready prior to departure for the mission site.

About Lepton Global Solutions’ Offering

Lepton Global Solutions was created to meet the evolving and increasing needs of modern military technology in an austere budgetary climate. We are meeting the technology needs of our clients by partnering with best of breed VSAT platforms and structuring a flexible and responsive service offering; Lepton has established the necessary relationships with VSAT manufacturers that meet DoD’s critical needs and have the required WGS certifications. Lepton’s bundle can also include a turnkey solution for baseband enclaves that have the DOD Enterprise-Wide ATO allowing seamless connectivity to NIPR / SIPR networks.

We are adapting to current budget challenges by offering a flexible menu of hardware, bandwidth offerings, locations, and Occasional Use service options. Lepton has also pioneered the concept of bundling a complete turnkey SATCOM solution that can accommodate any variety of hardware, throughput requirements, frequency band, geographic demand, and term length. The Block Network allows customers to enjoy short-term access to managed iDirect satellite services anywhere in the world


The GATR 2.4M Terminal Provided Voice, Video, and Data to a deployed PACOM unit demonstrating Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Efforts in a simulated disaster