Get to know Lepton’s Newest Employee!

September 18, 2015

Lepton is thrilled to welcome its newest team member, Brad Browning, as the Network Operations Manager and Facility Security Officer. After having served 8 years in the Marine Corps in roles including SATCOM Operator, Instructor, and Site Lead, Brad brings unique knowledge and experience to the Lepton team. Welcome, Brad!

Q: So you’ve just gotten out of the Marine Corps after 8 years of service. Tell us about a developmental experience you had relating to SATCOM.
Brad: As soon as I arrived in Afghanistan with the 8th Communications Battalion, my company commander came to me with the issue that the departing unit had 9 old VSAT systems in need of new parts that they could not get, so they were planning to throw them away. I was able to break down all the old terminals into their individual parts and rebuild 5 complete operational terminals.

Q: Wow. What happened to those terminals?

B: The five operational units were distributed to reconnaissance teams and FOBs across the region in which I was stationed. Without the SATCOM terminals, those guys would only have had HF radios and no access to long-haul communications.

Q: How have experiences like this with the military helped you as an employee at Lepton?

B: My experience in the military gave me confidence and determination to take on difficult and complex tasks with a dedication to see them through to completion with exemplary results. In my new roles, the goals may be different, but the attitude needed to achieve them is the same.

Q: What skills are you able to use at Lepton that you gained while in the military?

B: In addition to an intrinsic sense of curiosity about communications technology, I gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge of satellite communications operations and theory in the Marine Corps. By accumulating over 1600 Lead Instructor hours, I also learned presentation and management skills. Serving as a security manager, I was able to learn best practices for personnel and physical security that I look forward to implementing at Lepton’s new facility.

Q: What are some of your previous accomplishments and/or positions?

B: I have been a SATCOM operator, maintainer, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Site/Team Lead, Senior Instructor, and a Security Manager.

Q: Coming from South Carolina, what’s the biggest change you notice in the DC area?

B: Traffic! There is a lot more hustle and bustle here, after coming from one stop-light town.

Q: Outside of your professional life, are you a part of any organizations or committees?

B: I am currently looking for the best organization to join that helps veterans cope with PTSD and the transition from military to civilian life.

Q: What do you look forward to doing as your career develops with Lepton?

B: The exciting new opportunities to learn about the most progressive technology and being able to provide that to our customers. My experience is entirely with the Linkway systems, so I’m excited to get trained on the iDirect platform and learn about the expanded capabilities of our network. I’m also looking forward to my management role in the NOC and developing a better foundation in Industrial Security after coming from the government side.

Q: Lastly, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

B: I enjoy spending time with family, hiking, horseback riding, and learning about new technology and security practices.

We are thrilled to have you!