Cellular Backhaul 2017

Event Date:
June 22, 2017

Event Location:
Strand Palace Hotel
372 Strand
London WC2R 0JJ

Event Agenda:
The one day, a roundtable-style conference will explore the current interaction between the satellite and wireless industries, the current and future growth of data traffic from mobile devices and how that will impact both cellular and satellite networks. The various panels will explore the problems, risks and opportunities that this continued growth offers to both these industries and to the businesses that will rely on these future networks, ranging from the Fortune 500 to government and the military, and from planes, trains, and automobiles to schools, restaurants and businesses all around the data-hungry world.

Rob Weitendorf is scheduled to speak at the event, email to meet with him at the event to discuss your SATCOM needs.

Learn more about the event on the website.