Business in a Minute

Event Date:
June 8, 2017

Event Location:
BWI Airport Marriott
1743 West Nursery Road
Linthicum, MD 21240
Phone: (410) 859-8300

Event Agenda:
Business in a Minute is a great opportunity for industry representatives to have face-to-face meetings with large NSA prime contractors and NSA government personnel in a speed-meeting type of forum. These meetings will allow industry representatives to ask questions regarding NSA needs and processes as well as inform NSA personnel and prime contractors of their products, services, and capabilities. This year’s event is hosted by the Office of Small Business Programs, NSA Business Management and Acquisition and the Fort Meade Alliance.

Rob Weitendorf and Isabel Bacon are attending the event, email to meet with them to discuss your SATCOM needs.

Learn more about the event on the website.