Delivering Hope and Communications with SATCOM during Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, it generally brings a paralyzing sense of uncertainty for those in the affected zones and family and friends on the outside. Survival becomes the top priority, and outsiders feel helpless not knowing the condition of loved ones and what help is needed for rescue and repair. Satellite communications links, often the only form of functioning communications in the aftermath of disasters, provide hope to families and friends, and critical information for rescue and relief efforts.

Recent extreme weather events including hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, have increased reliance on SATCOM across the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean as search and rescue teams depend on remote communications solutions for reach back and situational awareness.

Considered the heaviest hurricane season in recent history, 2017’s major hurricanes to date Harvey, Irma, Jose, and now Maria had ravaged the continental United States and nearby islands, including Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, and U.S. Virgin Islands. The storms have knocked out critical infrastructure including power lines and telecommunications towers on these islands, leaving people in remote areas in particular in great danger.

In the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, Lepton Global has supported private companies with exposed facilities and infrastructure as well as DHS customers responding in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the USVI. The Lepton team has worked tirelessly throughout the hurricane season to provide high-quality Ku-band links, deployable satellite equipment, VoIP phone lines, and on-site technicians to ensure communications capabilities on the ground.

Due to the overwhelming response requirements from customers, Lepton increased the capacity on our Horizons 1 network in August to provide up to 10Mbps download speeds to our clients in the affected areas. We have deployed technicians across Florida, Virginia, Puerto Rico, and the USVI within 24 hours of a request to bring VSAT systems online for deployment. We have provided over 40 VoIP lines to our customers on the ground. Lepton’s satellite communications have enabled the coordination of relief efforts with local and federal rescue teams and allowed the transmission of high call volumes by victims and responders.

Lepton’s agility and experience supporting short-notice requirements enable us to respond with urgency to catastrophic events. Customers appreciate the flexibility and customization of our plans, and annual occasional use support contracts have proven vital in the wake of recent events. One of our corporate customers in Tampa uses Lepton’s COOP (Continuity of Operations) solution as a part of their risk management plan. In exchange for a low monthly service plan charge, this customer can call on Lepton to provide a complete communications suite, including a technician, within 24 hours of notice.

In August, this customer requested such a satellite communications package 3 days ahead of Hurricane Irma striking Florida. Lepton immediately deployed a pre-configured, pre-tested portable VSAT system with high bandwidth network access, pre-configured VoIP phones, Wi-Fi routers, and various power solutions customized by our team to fit their needs. In the off-season, this customer receives annual on-site training and a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround in the event of an emergency.

Lepton’s experience this hurricane season is a reminder of the role that satellite communications technology provides both to government and military relief efforts, and to businesses during emergency scenarios. As climate change continues to occur and extreme weather events seem to be increasing, we are expanding our disaster response and continuity of operations solutions and capabilities, and we encourage our customers to strengthen risk management plans for communications considerations involving SATCOM.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Lepton Global Solutions is proud to have reached a significant milestone in our organizational development and commitment to quality: ISO 9001:2015 certification. As explained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), “The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement.”

ISO 9001:2015 certification signifies that our organization is committed to continual improvements and that regular internal reviews ensure the success of our quality management system.

What ISO 9001:2015 means to our company:

At Lepton, quality management primarily means continuously striving to deliver a better experience for our customers. We ensure that our organization is operating as a well-functioning system, not just individual people working toward a common goal. We are committed to improving every aspect of our business – from customer service to processes to business metrics. Through our adherence to ISO quality standards, we regularly review and revise our practices for improvement.

What the Certification means to our employees:

ISO 9001:2015 implementation is an asset for Lepton employees. Thanks to our QMS, Lepton employees understand the expectations of their jobs through clearly defined roles and performance metrics. Each member of our team is responsible for shaping their own goals, and they receive valuable and timely feedback through periodic review sessions. Our quality system also empowers employees by making them directly responsible for tracking and improving processes that affect their work; employees are expected to modify and adjust goals according to the growth patterns of our business.

What ISO accreditation means to our customers:

Adherence to the Quality Management Standard means we are always trying to be better. We are constantly collecting data on our performance, eliminating mistakes, and adjusting our processes to provide the best possible customer service. Our company culture is centered around delivering critical services and products with flexibility and agility. While it may seem paradoxical, we are able to do this with accuracy and professionalism at a high op-tempo because of our adherence to processes. ISO 9001:2015 is a flexible standard, and we have designed a quality management system that meets the standard while still addressing the needs of our customers and other stakeholders.

What ISO Quality Management System means to our partners:

ISO QMS certification provides a benchmark to vendors and customers about our commitment to quality. It also opens doors to partnering with more companies that value and even require the same high standards and dedication to quality customer service. Vendors know we will be good stewards of their products. Customers can be confident that what they have asked of us is what they will receive.

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GSA Awards Lepton Global Solutions Contract on $2.5B Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) Vehicle

Lepton Global Solutions, a leading small business provider of customized, cost-effective, end-to-end satellite communications solutions, today announced their award on GSA’s Complex Commercial SATCOM Solutions (CS3) Contract.

CS3 is designed to support a wide range of defense-related satellite communications requirements. The 10-year contract has a ceiling of $2.5 billion and was awarded to both small and large businesses.

With robust OEM partnerships, a global installation network, a 24×7 Network Operations Center, and iDirect infrastructure at teleports in Europe, the Pacific, and the U.S., Lepton is well-positioned to compete on CS3 task orders of broad scope.

“Lepton’s core capabilities embody the solutions Federal agencies seek from Industry with the CS3 vehicle. We look forward to offering the Government flexible, high-value integrated solutions using our networks and expertise,” said Isabel Bacon, managing partner at Lepton.

Visit our Contract Vehicles page to see the redacted contract.

What Makes Our Customer Support Special? The Lepton NOC

Around the Clock Service

In today’s global economy, you can buy a printer, request food delivery, or have a credit card issued at literally any time, day or night. And you will often find a customer service representative available to help regardless of the hour. For any company to operate successfully on a global scale, the around-the-clock technical support team is a necessity. The same is, of course, true for satellite communications companies like Lepton, which is why we operate our Network Operation Center (NOC) 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Going Beyond 24×7

What does the NOC mean to us at Lepton? Perhaps second to our website, the NOC is among our most visible customer-facing assets. We hold our technicians to high standards of professionalism, technical capability, and concern for the quality of our services. Having personnel to cover a 24×7 NOC requirement is de rigueur, but we also require that each member of our team be attentive, personable, and knowledgeable about the breadth of antenna systems that our customers operate. We also encourage our staff to grow and improve; we invest in our team by providing training and certification courses to ensure competency and familiarity with various types of satellite equipment and networking platforms. Because we take an agnostic approach when selecting equipment for customer solutions – focused on their needs rather than our manufacturer alliances – our technicians must be well-prepared to service a variety of VSAT manufacturer models and form factors.

Our NOC staff truly work as a team, and each member is invested in supporting their teammates and our customers to ensure operations are successful. Being a NOC technician is not shift work at Lepton, it is a lifestyle. Our customers are looking for someone on the other end of the line who cares, listens, and really wants to solve their issues. Our technicians use a personable approach with customers; they become trusted guides in all things satellite, even beyond our service. It is not uncommon for customers to call Lepton technicians on their cell phones with questions unrelated to the service Lepton provides because they know they will receive a helpful and urgent response.

Leading with Action

At Lepton, we believe in preventing, not reacting to problems. Our strategy involves proactive network monitoring tools that keep the Lepton NOC team one step ahead of potential issues, such as weather, modem temperature, or something as simple as an Ethernet cable being unplugged. This proactive approach, as compared to the conventional reactive nature of most technical support centers not only saves Lepton and our customers money, but it reduces downtime, conserves hardware, and fosters a relationship of trust between the NOC staff and the end-user in the field. When our customers call with an issue, we are already working to resolve it.

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) software is tightly integrated into our suite of NOC tools. Lepton has partnered with industry leading software including iDirect iMonitor® and SolarWinds® to ensure continuous oversight of our satellite network nodes. We have also outfitted our NOC engineers with the latest in radio frequency (RF) monitoring equipment, and our networking infrastructure has fully redundant power and Internet access. The robustness of our NOC ensures our NOC team will be in touch with our customers regardless of conditions.

For a service-oriented small business, it is essential to take a 21st-century approach to customer service. Lepton does so by providing high-quality, 24x7x365 customer support, by investing in our people, and by employing the latest technologies to offer proactive support.

Visit our Technical Support page to learn more about the Lepton NOC.

Lepton Global and Its Partners Demonstrate Complete SATCOM Solutions to Marines During West Coast Tactical & Tech Days

Tactical-Days leptonglobal

A group of industry partners organized by Lepton Global Solutions demonstrated the latest in tactical Satellite Communications equipment and services at two Marine Corps events on April 25th and 26th. On Tuesday, April 25th, equipment demonstrations were conducted at the MCAGCC Twentynine Palms and on Wednesday, April 26th at MCAS Camp Pendleton.

Live equipment demonstrations included Paradigm’s SWARM45 Ka-band terminal, Tampa Microwave manpack antenna, and Huckworthy Ltd’s next generation LTE solution. Lepton and Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) provided the network services for these live demos on Lepton’s Ku-band network and the GlobalXpress® Ka-band network. Huckworthy’s LTE customized system placed in the surrounding area created a Wi-Fi bubble to showcase that the communication between the parties could be possible using both Ku- and Ka-band frequencies simultaneously.

The Marine Corp’s Tactical & Tech Days, the traveling expo organized by NCSI, presents an opportunity for service members and civilians to see the latest in emerging technologies, network with industry experts, and share ideas and goals. In addition to satellite communications, the technologies on display varied from Drones and Unmanned technology to Cyber Security and C4ISR solutions.

For more information on the products and services demonstrated at the Tactical & Tech Days, contact Rob Weitendorf at

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Lepton Global Awarded GSA IT 70 Schedule Contract

GSA Post

Lepton will use the schedule to sell satellite communications equipment and services to Federal Government users.

Lepton Global Solutions has been awarded a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract under Contract #GS-35F-233GA for sales to the Federal Government! Lepton’s contract includes the following Special Item Numbers (SIN):

132-8:   Purchase of New Equipment
132-54: Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Transponded Capacity
132-55: Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Subscription Services

Lepton will use the schedule to sell satellite communications equipment and services to Federal Government users. Lepton’s schedule currently includes the full suite of DTECH Labs baseband equipment under SIN 132-8. Lepton also includes global bandwidth and managed satellite services to support DOD and other Government customers using the GSA Schedule as their procurement vehicle of choice.

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Employee Spotlight – Meet Kinard Hall, Our NOC and Satellite Operations Manager

Employee Spotlight_Kinard leptonglobal

This month we introduce to you Kinard Hall, our newest addition to the Network Operations Center in Vienna, VA. Kinny joins Lepton Global as our Satellite Operations and NOC Manager, adding valuable iDirect networking expertise to our NOC’s already unmatched customer service.

Q: You joined Lepton Global Solutions as the Satellite Operations and NOC Manager in September of last year. What is your previous experience in the SATCOM industry?

Kinny: I have been working in the satellite communications industry for four years and started as an associate technical service engineer with iDirect. I had awesome work mentors that offered great support in learning the iDirect platform and technology. iDirect also helped me become intimately familiar with the industry. As the platform developed and evolved at iDirect, I was able to be on the ground floor supporting live networks through those changes. While working my way up in the TAC (Technical Assistance Center), I supported many different types of customers and networks – now I often come across the same networks that I was supporting at the TAC while working with Lepton’s partners and clients.

Q: What has surprised you about working at Lepton?

K: When I started to work at Lepton, I was surprised to see the scope of services they offered. When you think of a small business, you assume that they provide only limited satellite services and hardware. It was great to discover the range of products and services offered by Lepton. Our team builds complete end-to-end solutions, including end-user applications and equipment.

Q: What is the biggest perk/benefit of working at Lepton Global?

K: Working at Lepton feels like working for yourself. Every day I come to work to improve “my business.” I have a personal stake in the technical performance of the company because Lepton’s management team has trusted me to make high-level decisions that will affect customers and services. Working at Lepton, I know that what I do every day, matters.

Q: What skills are you able to use at Lepton?

K: From a formal education standpoint, I graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC with a degree in Information Systems Engineering. So far I have been able to apply a lot of the technical skills I learned in school. Some of the most useful college courses I use in my current job are Basic Computer Installation, System configurations, Network Security and Troubleshooting, and Microsoft Visual C++.

Probably most importantly, because Lepton runs a global iDirect network, my experience troubleshooting the iDirect platform and understanding of RF principles provide the knowledge base I use on a daily basis.

Q: What are some of the non-technical skills that you find useful working at Lepton?

K: Working for a small business like Lepton, I find that flexibility and quick-thinking are the most important skills to master. Here, a time sensitivity is attached to every task. I often have to make a call in a matter of minutes, sometimes in the middle of the night, since we manage networks and support many terminals around the world.

Another useful skill that makes me a good fit in my role is the ability to think outside the box. We are always pushing the envelope in terms of how to provide services more efficiently and effectively, and how to leverage the best technology on the market. Because of my intimate familiarity with the network and platform, Lepton’s management team relies on me to understand what the possibilities are in any scenario. When providing a resolution to a problem or a challenge, I often set up worst- and best-case scenarios, run simulations, and we make a decision based on the outcomes.

Q: Are there any skills that you would like to master that you think help you become better in your role?

K: As the company grows, I would like to become a more effective leader to everyone on our NOC team. I am a very hands-on person; I learn the processes by turning the switches on and off. However, I realize that not everyone learns by the same methods. I would like to improve my leadership abilities to be able to teach others the practical skills as well as the satellite knowledge to ultimately help them develop successful careers.

Q: Coming from a different state, what is the major transition you have noticed living in DC/Virginia area?

K: I grew up in Birmingham, AL, where everyone knows you personally or at least knows of your family. It is quite a change to adapt to big city life in DC. One element I appreciate is the diversity this area offers. This place is so progressive and multi-cultural that sometimes I forget that not all of the United States is as open-minded.

Q: Do you participate in any clubs or organizations outside of work?

K: Since college, I have been actively involved in the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Now I mentor youth through their program affiliated with St. Jude hospital. I am a mentor to three teenagers; one is 13 years old, and two are fifteen. I hope I can make positive differences in their lives. In the future, I would like to start a student-learning program at Lepton for technology-inclined students from our area.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

K: Outside of work, I try to spend as much time as possible with my five-year-old son. Most of the time he dictates what we do together: bowling, laser tag, or basketball. I just have to go along with it!

Q: Do you have any unique talents?

K: I can play any brass instrument pretty well – I played trumpet in a college band. I was even offered a scholarship but traded it for the Duke Energy IT scholarship that had offered greater benefits to my future career.

Welcome to the Lepton Team!

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Lepton Global Expands Shared Ku-Band Satellite Services To Four New Beams


Shared Ku-band services in Africa, South America, Europe, and the Atlantic Ocean Are Now Available on the Latest iDirect Platform

Vienna, VA, August 15, 2016 – Lepton Global Solutions, a leading provider of customized, cost-effective, end-to-end satellite communications solutions, today announced the expansion of their Ku-band satellite capacity to four additional OCONUS beams to accommodate a growing customer base among commercial and government users. The managed services provider has expanded services to three new satellites and is offering shared and dedicated options on the iDirect Evolution® 3.3.5 platform. These services are landing at a teleport in the Netherlands.

Additional Ku-band satellite communications services will be offered in four regions. One beam will offer full Ku-band coverage of Africa including South Africa and Madagascar. Other beams will provide coverage over South America, Central America, and the Atlantic to support government requirements as well as a growing maritime customer base between the Americas and Europe. European land-based services, along with coverage in the Norwegian, North, and Baltic seas, will also be available. Customers can burst up to 10 Mbps x 2 Mbps on the shared services, and dedicated in-routes can be created for customers needing higher inbound speeds.

“Lepton’s latest expansion of services is a reflection of our growing global presence, both from an infrastructure and services perspective,” said Isabel Bacon, managing partner at Lepton Global Solutions. “While we support dedicated Government links on our hubs in Europe, these new shared services offer government and commercial customers immediately-available, cost-effective solutions to short-term or lower rate communications needs. Maritime service requirements are also growing, and our coverage choices are in part a reaction to those market demands.”

The growth of Lepton’s managed satellite networks signifies the strong commitment to the four pillars of the business: Flexibility, Reliability, Security, and Customer Service. Lepton offers networks in Ku-, Ka-, X-, and C-band frequencies across multiple platforms and incorporates compression and acceleration technologies for optimal user experience. Core network teleports are located in Hawaii, Virginia, Italy, and the Netherlands, and all the traffic is delivered to a single U.S. point of Presence in Virginia. The company manages its networks and provides customer support from a 24×7 Network Operation Center (NOC) in Vienna, VA, just outside of Washington DC.

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Lepton Global Solutions Named New Boeing-authorized Service Provider for Global Xpress

Boeing News leptonglobal

Lepton Inks Agreement With Boeing To Provide Global Xpress Services On Inmarsat-5 Fleet

Vienna, VA July 14, 2016 – Lepton Global Solutions, a leading provider of customized, cost-effective, end-to-end satellite communications solutions has signed on as a Boeing-authorized service provider of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress services. Global Xpress represents the first and only globally available, high-throughput, commercial mobile wideband satellite communications service for customers utilizing Ka-band frequencies.

Through its partnership with Boeing, Lepton will now add Global Xpress wideband services to its customer offering, and extend Lepton’s service networks to four bands. The Global Xpress, Ka-band service will complement Lepton’s existing Ku-, C-, and X-band services out of teleports in Hawaii, Atlanta, Italy, and the Netherlands with seamless worldwide coverage for COTM or fixed operations with smaller, easy-to-use terminal sizes and higher throughputs.

“Lepton’s goal is to design the optimal communications solution for our customers in terms of performance, cost, and interoperability,” says Rob Weitendorf, Managing Partner at Lepton Global. “As a Boeing Service Provider for Global Xpress, we have an expanded opportunity to design solutions that best fit customer circumstances and price points.”

Becoming a Service Provider for Global Xpress services also aligns with Lepton Global’s superior customer service values:

Flexibility – The Global Xpress constellation allows worldwide wideband access on a unified network or a dedicated network for customers with large network requirements. Global Xpress offers highly available, managed services on a worldwide basis to meet the broadest range of customer requirements anywhere needed.

Reliability – With a very high level of redundancy incorporated into the infrastructure, Global Xpress provides resilience and very high availability in all conditions. Customers are able to seamlessly move between beams without any interruption in service.

Security – Global Xpress supports government systems of the US Mission Assurance Category (MAC) level III, with secure gateways and satellites. Global Xpress’ secure enclave and network can support higher security standards requirements, separating government and commercial traffic.

About Inmarsat
Inmarsat plc is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services. Since 1979, Inmarsat has been providing reliable voice and high-speed data communications to governments, enterprises and other organizations, with a range of services that can be used on land, at sea or in the air. Inmarsat employs around 1,600 staff in more than 60 locations around the world, with a presence in the major ports and centers of commerce on every continent. Inmarsat is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:ISAT.L). Learn more about Global Xpress services at

About Boeing
Through its business unit Boeing Commercial Satellite Services, Boeing and its service providers offer end-to-end commercial satellite communications solutions to the U.S. government and other satellite users. Learn more at

A unit of The Boeing Company, Defense, Space & Security is one of the world’s largest defense, space and security businesses specializing in innovative and capabilities-driven customer solutions, and the world’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of military aircraft. Headquartered in St. Louis, Defense, Space & Security is a $31 billion business with 53,000 employees worldwide. Follow us on Twitter: @BoeingDefense.

About Lepton Global Solutions
Lepton Global Solutions specializes in the engineering and delivery of customized, yet cost-effective turnkey satellite communications solutions to commercial and government customers. Lepton’s end-to-end solutions, which go beyond managed satellite services to include VSAT equipment installation, 24×7 technical support, and customized back-end IT infrastructure, are tailored to meet customer-specific needs.

Lepton is headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Vienna, Virginia.



Employee Spotlight – Meet Lyuda, Our Marketing Coordinator

ES Lyuda News leptonglobal

This month’s Employee Spotlight features our Marketing Coordinator Lyuda Promyshlyayeva. She started with Lepton Global at the beginning of this year and serves as a voice of the company in the satellite communications industry and on social media, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Question: What is your previous SATCOM experience?

Lyuda: I come from a B2B business environment; previously working for manufacturing and distribution companies, and Lepton Global is my first experience in satellite communications. The satellite industry and government marketplace each has its own language, and most of the terms are abbreviated: VSAT, CONUS, SATCOM, etc. It has been fun to learn a jargon and the technical components.

Q: How long have you been with Lepton Global Solutions?

L: I am a newbie – I started at the beginning of this year.

Q: Why Lepton Global?

L: You know when it’s the right match! I like the family atmosphere of the company, and everyone is 110% invested in Lepton’s success. We all have a unique function in the day-to-day operations and are expected to perform well. If there is a chance that you have not done something before, you are expected to find the solution and how to apply it!

Q: What is the biggest perk/benefit of working at Lepton Global?

L: The best benefit of working at Lepton Global is flexibility; we are not tied up by corporate bureaucracy. If there is a need and a consensus to add something to make our operations more efficient, we do it.

Q: What skills are you able to use at Lepton?

L: I make a mean pot of coffee every morning, ha-ha! Then I am wired the rest of the day to write and create. I incorporate my previous experiences to make valuable marketing materials that help customers understand our values and benefits, and why they should choose our offerings over our competitors.

Q: What are some of the non-technical skills that you find useful working at Lepton?

L: I have to deal with a lot of vendors in my field, and treating others fairly is one of the tenets I stick to when conducting business with other companies. It is important to build lasting relationships and treat others fairly, and generally, my contacts will be more inclined to go the extra mile the more I work with them.

Q: Any skills that you would like to master that you think may help you become better in your role?

L: Right now I am learning website development and SEO implementation, unofficially…my knowledge of websites is from a user standpoint, not a developer’s. I have to understand how to improve parts of our website to make the biggest impact on the user experience without affecting other segments. SEO plays a big role in customer experience. Now I am focused on developing more user-friendly content. I guess it helps to be an outsider – I bet there are plenty of people visiting our site who ask the same types of questions I did when I started at Lepton.

Q: Coming from a different state, what is the largest transition you have noticed living in DC/Virginia area?

L: I definitely like the fast pace; city life in DC is amazing! I guess the biggest shocker to me was how many people walk and use public transportation. I am not used to seeing people carrying groceries on foot.

Q: Do you have any special talents?

L: Not really, but I love to spend time with kids. I don’t have my own yet, but all my friends that do let me babysit their children. And I think children love spending time with me as well, whether we go to the movies, a playground, or plan sleepovers at ‘auntie Lyuda’s’. I always try to keep them entertained, at the same time treating them as little adults. Spending time with children I love the never-ending “Why?” questions. It makes you think sometimes: “Really, why?”

Q: Do you participate in any clubs or organizations outside of work?

L: When I first moved to the DC area, I started looking for ways to get involved in the community. Isabel suggested a volunteer organization in DC, whose participants interact with children affected by homelessness. I became involved in the Community of Hope Playnight Project a few months ago and now volunteer with the group about once a week. Playnight serves several shelter communities in the DC area; their main goal is to provide children in these communities with quality playtime. We as a group come up with fun projects to do with the kids every week to give them as much attention as possible, as well as continuity in their lives. I find it rewarding because as volunteers we provide the opportunity for the kids to express themselves and to learn to interact with other children and adults. I think these children look forward to the Playnight Tuesdays as much as I do – no matter how hectic my day has been, I know I will be greeted by smiles, hugs, and the exuberant energy ready to play!

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

L: I love to travel! Over the years, I have moved around quite a bit. I also have developed a lot of friendships. Now, I plan trips just to visit friends and see where they live. America is very diverse, and I try to capture its beauty on camera. I am not really a professional photographer, but I always bring back hundreds of pictures from my trips.

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