About Us

Lepton Global is an ISO 9001-2015 certified small business that specializes in the engineering and delivery of end-to-end satellite communications solutions.

Our partners include global teleport operators and hardware manufacturers across the spectrum of VSAT applications.

We design turnkey communications solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs, from equipment installation to 24×7 technical support.

Our global service offerings include shared iDirect networks and private, dedicated networks.

We have a long track record of serving government and commercial customers worldwide.


Despite the United State having been at war for over a decade, in 2012 we found that U.S. troops deployed to remote locations worldwide were still equipped with limited communications capabilities. We recognized that part of the problem was a lack of flexible solutions offered by Industry, including the availability of high-end satellite equipment and services on a short-term basis. The idea for Lepton Global Solutions was born out of a passion for ensuring that American soldiers on the front lines could acquire the best communications products and services available in the commercial marketplace.

The driving force behind Lepton’s mission was to build a flexible, agile communications service offering tailored entirely around a customer’s requirements.

With the success of our networks in supporting Defense programs, Lepton has expanded its communications solutions offering to support commercial customers as well. We now provide connectivity to support a variety of private sector needs, from telemedicine in Sierra Leone to ISR missions in the Middle East, to private yachts in the Caribbean.



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