Remote global travel is an increasingly feasible and popular event for leisure, business, and altruistic endeavors. In our interconnected world, people place more of a value on “getting away from it all.” The developed business world is looking for opportunities in emerging market nations. Charitable foundations are establishing new presences in remote communities. In each of these activity sectors, connectivity of different magnitudes plays an important role.

For leisure travellers, it is realistically impractical not to have some form of communication available when going on extended trips. Even if it is to check up on email, call an airline, or send a friendly update, new value exists for being connected all the time.

In the business community, being out of touch is not an option for most, particularly if the travel is business related. For site surveys, meetings, development project visits, and myriad other instances of remote business travel, businesses incur significant costs to keep their personnel connected.

Whether it is based on business, leisure, field research, a site survey, or any other global activity, simple and cost-effective connectivity is typically a challenge.


  • Maritime
  • Mining
  • Oil/Energy Production
  • Government
  • Military/Defense
  • NGO/Telemedicine
  • Disaster Relief




At Lepton, we have applied our ethos of flexibility to develop solutions that mitigate this challenge. Particularly when it comes to remote travel, technology needs can vary from simple phone requirements to large bandwidth needs for streaming data and video. In an attempt to marry the infinite potential combinations of technology with a business offering that is simple to understand, we created rentable travel bundles on various scales, in highly portable packages. From a basic satellite phone, to recreating the workplace in the field, the turnkey packages are simple and affordable, and they remove the headache of communications from travel planning. The bundles pack into a brief-case sized carry-on and can be prepositioned or shipped to wherever they will be needed. Users simply return the packages back to Lepton at the end of the trip.

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